Box O'Steaks

Celebrate Canada's 150th

15 Steaks for only $5.00 per steak!


The annual Box O’ Steaks sale is a fundraiser where you can buy high quality, individually sealed BBQ steaks at very low prices, all while supporting a worthy cause.

All funds raised in the BOS fundraiser go to support the programs that Chisholm Services for Children provides children in your community.

We and the children thank you for your support and hope you enjoy your Box O' Steaks!

View our flyer for more information.

The Steaks

Our steaks are 6oz high quality (USDA Choice) strip-loin, fresh frozen and individually vacuum sealed for flavor and convenience.

Ordering Options

  • 4 steaks for $30.00
  • 10 steaks for $65.00
  • 15 steaks for $75.00 Best Price!

Order Your Steaks

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