Box O'Steaks

About Box O'Steaks

About Box O' Steaks

The Box O Steaks fundraising event is an annual fundraiser for Chisholm Services for Children where by Chisholm purchases a large quantity of high quality (USDA Choice) striploin steaks which are individually fresh frozen in individual vacuum sealed packages and ready for you to BBQ with family & friends!

About Chisholm Services for Children

Chisholm Services for Children is the only non-profit organization in Central Nova Scotia offering a long-term care program, which specializes in early intervention. Chisholm is dedicated to guiding children who face severe adverse circumstances like neglect and abuse, to a realization of self-worth. Chisholm helps children develop skills and capacities to function successfully in a community setting and grow as healthy, stable individuals. Chisholm also provides a community based literacy program for children from primary to grade six who are reading below grade level or who have been diagnosed with a learning disability.

Our Mission

Chisholm Services for Children provides care for children who have complex needs by providing a safe environment while fostering a sense of personal value, self-worth and the development of life skills.

Our Vision

Chisholm Services for Children is a leader in Nova Scotia in providing safe, community-based care for children 12 years of age and younger. Our therapeutic residential and non-residential programs successfully support children to transition into their community.

Our Objectives

  • To provide trauma-informed residential care and support to children who are in need of services as identified by the Department of Community Services under the Children and Family Services Act of Nova Scotia.
  • To partner with other community-based services in the provision of a range of resources for children involved with Chisholm Services for Children.
  • To provide education and advocacy within the community for the needs of children exposed to complex trauma involved with Chisholm Services for Children.